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Aura FAQ's
What are Aura's
Aura's simply are who you are. They reflect the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of who you are. Your body is a biochemical hodge-podge of chemicals and electrolytes. Put simply we are walking talking batteries. We produce slight measurable electrical currents that the Auraphotogenic equipment can sense and measure, very similar to a lie detector. Auras have color, texture, and intensity. For some who are uniquely intuitive can even taste or hear the vibration of an individuals aura. They are like fingerprints, every aura is unique, yet they change as life changes with you. Your aura surrounds you, like the shape of an egg, it extends out from the body approximately 4 to 6 feet, and it has multiple layers and facets. The closer layers are the ones that deal with the physical characteristics of your body and as it extends outwards it then progresses through the mental, emotional and spiitual states of your being.

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