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How does Aura photography work?

The information provided here is abridged, I could talk for hours about the hows and whatzits. Feel free to call or email if you want a deeper explanation.

First a quick history. Nikola Tesla, in the 1890's,  did some limited experiments with photographic plates and electrical currents and suceeded in creating the first auraphotograph. It wasn't until Semyon and Valentina Kirlian, in the 1930's, had used a high voltage, low current electrical charge that when applied to a condenser plate and a fingertip, or leaf was touching it a coronal discharge was noticed. The coronal discharge was captured on a photographic plate so that it could be analysed.
Fast forward to the 1970's when a man by the name of Guy Coggins created the first Aura photography equipment. Using principles of electrogalvanic skin repsonse ( the same technology that is used in Lie Detectors) a handplate was created that took measurements from the various reflexology points of a persons hand. Now all of that raw data is great but how do we get the colors? Well Guy hired psychics, intuitives and people that could see and read auras, to help him match the data to what that person was feeling, physically, emotionally and spiritually. He managed to create an extensive database. Taking all of that information, a photo is taken of you (smiling is definitely permitted) and the colors are superimposed over the picture.

A corelation between the physical and what psychics and seers have seen for thousands of years is now available. We can determine constrictions in your energy field and help to alleviate it. The body should be balanced as in all aspects of our life. It comes down to Mental, physical, emotional and spiritual fitness. Too much of one, not enough of another can lead to an imbalance in life.

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