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Do Auras change over time?

Yes an aura does change. Just like you go through changes in life, for example,  you can look at changing careers, changing your relationship status, or maybe just having a new spiritual look at life. Your aura reflects directly on what is happening in your life now, as well as what new energies are coming in. Human beings are complex, dynamic systems, with ever changing moods, and energies.

How often does is change? Well, it depends on you and your own personality and makeup. If you are a person who is 'up' one day and 'down' another, frequently changing your outlook and perspective on life, it will probably change approximately every three months. If you are, like the ocean going ship that can ride out waves and still maintain course, it may take up to six months for a change to take place. Yes, minute changes can occur from day to day, but the overall aura will stay roughly the same for quite a while.

Many people have saved there aura pictures over the years to create a 'photo album' that shows where they were in life and how their colours have changed.

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